complete systems for process management

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Industrial automation systems allow to create highly integrate and thus efficient lines. Imeas, acting as “main contractor”, designs and engineers every project in strict cooperation with his Customers in order to define the best solution to optimize the use of spaces and resources as well as maintenance and safety concepts.

The control software of the line is built specifically for each project by our engineering department to guarantee a high degree of customization, an homogeneous interface and quick response times in case of need.


For turn-key projects Imeas can supply:

  • Handling systems for sheets, plates or panel boards up to 3.000 x 15.000 x 300 mm
  • Decoiler and recoilers for metals and rubber up to 36.000 kg (36 ton)
  • Filters for dust management (dry process)
  • Filters for oils or emulsions (wet process)
  • Washing and drying tunnels to clean the processed materials
  • Welders and joiners for non-stop operations
  • Abatement systems for fumes and mists

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