AX Grinding & Brushing Machines


IMEAS next generation of grinding & polishing machines for metals

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The grinding and brushing machines of the new AX series represent the evolution of the previous AT series. The new AXs extend the range of thicknesses (up to 15mm), the installed power (now up to 90kW), the speed of work and they introduce an advanced electronic management of the machine and a new touch screen graphical user interface.

In addition to the modular concept, one of the hallmarks of the new AX is represented by their monolithic structure designed specifically for heavy machining and the ability to fully extract with a simple movement the counter-pressure roller (aka billy-roll).

The new AX maintain the same footprint and many parts of the previous generation, making the transition to the new model very simple and cost effective. All machines are available for machining coil and sheets, as well as dry or wet process.


Key features:

  • Modular, monolithic frame
  • Reduced footprint (only 1000mm)
  • Quick extraction of counter-pressure roll (billy-roll)
  • New software and touch screen graphic display with recipes and working parameters management
  • Computer assisted positioning
  • Integrated dressing system for the ScotchBriteTM brush
  • Working with constant height or constant motor load
  • Compatibility with the previous generation of AT machines
  • Useful working width: 1600mm or 2100mm


Versions :

  • AXNI: Bottom (back-pass) grinding unit
  • AXN: Upper grinding unit
  • AXR: Upper brushing unit
  • Dry or wet version available on all models

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AX Grinding and Brushing Machines

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