FCS Full Control System


management software for sanding lines

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The futuristic Full Control System (shortened to FCS) combines the best mechanics and electronics into an easy-to-use graphical interface. With the easiness of a click, it is possible to control every aspect of the sanding process, from the start of a motor to the oscillation of the abrasive belt, the health of a bearing as well as the fine tuning of a sanding unit. Data are displayed in a clear and uncluttered way, using color-coded icons and machine mimics that dramatically reduce the learning curve and boost productivity.


Working recipes, sanding policies, trends, logs and user-customizable alarms are useful to quickly preset the line and monitor the health of each machines.

The built-in Imeas TeleAssistance service allows you not only to monitor the sanding line remotely but even to integrate it with your ERP system for data exchange and setting.

Needless to say, our solutions are ready for Industry 4.0.


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Full Control System (FCS)

Full Control System (FCS) Steuerungssoftware

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