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High productivity on HPL sheets and flexible coils

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The IMEAS LCI grinding machines for laminates matches the incredible calibration accuracy of 0.01 mm at the maximum speed of 70 m/min!

At the same time it grants enough roughness of the surface for effective gluing of the laminate sheet on the supporting panelboard.

The IMEAS exclusive Three-step Feeding System maintains the plate in tension during the process: this guarantees high production performances without damaging the material even in case of ultra-thin laminates.

Appropriate systems for ventilation, exhaust and deionization allow removing the dust produced during the grinding process, thus preventing the creation of electrostatic charges.


The IMEAS LCI grants the following benefits:

  • Sanding speed of up to 70 m/min
  • Very accurate board calibration (0.01 mm accuracy)
  • IMEAS Full Control System for the electronic interfacing and self-setting of working units position
  • Perfect control of the abrasive belt for increased performances and durability
  • High availability and reliability for 24×7 continuous operation
  • Sturdy frame design for high availability and reliability
  • Integrated de-ionizing bars
  • Bearing temperature monitoring system with alarm interface
  • Centralized lubrication circuit for minimal maintenance
  • Wide screen with touch panel graphical user interface

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LCI Grinding Machines

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