RCS-RB Rubber Grinders

Fast, resistant and reliable

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The grinding machines of the RCS-RB series are designed for the precision calibration and finishing of plates and coils of rubber, plastic and flexible materials in general.

The machine structure is designed to eliminate every vibration that may compromise the final result, while the large diameter contact roller ensures a large contact area for a smooth and defect-free finish.

Great care has been taken in the dust collection system design in order to ensure that both the material as well as the working environment are clean.

On request, the RCS-RB can be integrated with unwinding/rewinding systems for the coil and with automatic systems for surfae and thickness inspection, with the possibility to realize a “close-loop” control of the machine.


Key features:

  • Heavy-duty electro-welded structure of
  • Main motors up to 100 kW
  • Large diameter contact roller
  • Feed speed up to 20 m/min
  • Centesimal accuracy
  • Useful widths: 2300mm, 2600mm, 2900mm

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