RST Table Grinding Machine


for precision grinding of plates

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The table grinders series RST represent the most advanced solution for the precision machining of metal plates and press-plates for HPL production.

The perfect flatness of the plate is achieved thanks to the great stability and rigidity of the structure of the machine and to its special table.

The movement of the table, electronically controlled and therefore extremely smooth and free of play, eliminates any possible vibration on the material being processed. The table can be realized either as magnetic or chuck vacuum, according to the type of material to be machined.

The RST grinder is available with single or multiple, independent heads.

Key features:

  • Super heavy-duty electro-welded, stress-relieved frame
  • Main motors up to 250kW
  • Electronic motion control
  • Table sliding system with special “play-free” guides
  • Centesimal positioning
  • Useful working width: up to 3.200mm
  • Useful working length : up to 12.000mm


Available configurations:

  • Magnetic or vacuum table
  • One or more top grinding units

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