Update on COVID-19: Restart of activity

Villa Cortese, 18 May 2020 -IMEAS, the world leader in the supply of surface finishing solutions, has fully resumed its production activities today.


We have defined and applied a Protocol aimed at minimizing the risks of contagion within the corporate environments, we have sanitized our premises and working surfaces, informed the staff of the risks related to COVID-19 and the relevant prevention methods. Masks and disinfectant gel are now part of our working life. We continue to maintain adequate social distancing, we avoid meetings and gatherings, we move with masks and gloves.“, explains Eng. Francesco Zenere, Commercial Director of IMEAS spa.

We are now concentrating on recovering the work left behind after these weeks of lock-down and to complete the logistical reorganization already undertaken. We are aware that not all the lost time can be made up, but we are determined to minimize delays.“, Concludes Zenere.