EvoL: sanding evolution

At Ligna 2017 Imeas presents EvoL, its new line of calibrating and sanding machines for wood-based panels. The new EvoL model represents Imeas’ ninth generation of sanding machines.

As the name suggests, it is the evolution of the company’s 50-years long experience and know-how in sanding of MDF, particleboard, plywood and others.

As a result, EvoL machines not only integrate state-of-the-art control technologies like our premium Full Control System™ and Full Control Belt™, but also simplify maintenance by reducing the number of components and improving their accessibility in all-important areas.

EvoL is a family of machines engineered to evolve continuously to face an ever challenging business and as such they offer: Excellent calibration, Superior sanded surface, Cost savings, Simplified operation, Flexibility