Working in IMEAS means to enter a dynamic international context in constant evolution and characterized by innovative projects that involve first-level industrial organizations.


The possibility to grow both professionally and culturally and the contact with people coming from all over the world, make this working environment particularly stimulating.

Our philosophy

A good job is, first of all, a relationship between people. For this reason we want anybody working with us to share some basic principles so that the relationship is of mutual benefit for all parts.

The principles on which we base our business have the same importance in relation to the organization, to the colleagues and to other companies that cooperate with us, both as partners and customers.

Honesty: to have a correct behaviour in relation to everybody, under all circumstances is the best way to leave your mark.
Seriousness: the most complex problem and situations can also be faced happily but you have to keep in mind what are the goals to reach.
Skill: to do one’s best and, at the same time, to encourage the colleagues in order to reach a constant improvement.
Cooperation: surely one of the best features of human beings that allows us to be an invincible strength
Transparency: the sharing of information improves the quality and often helps solving problems that seem insurmountable.

The selection method

For the selection of our staff we both evaluate the curricula vitae and make direct interviews in order to understand the personality, skill and experience of the candidates.

The interviews are carried out both by staff selection experts and by Imeas Area managers.

The employment will start with a trial period that depends on the position required


We offer our staff very interesting contracts with well-defined training plans under the supervision of a teacher of the organization and periodical tests about the knowledge acquired and the points needing further study.

To better understand the working environment and the problems connected to it, we often offer direct experience “in the field”.

Finally, by means of an approach “per targets” it is possible to reach the goals required for the position within a short time and with great satisfaction.

Open positions

In this section you can check currently open positions.

No open positions

Spontaneous application

In IMEAS we are looking for young brilliant people able to face the challenges of modern economy and willing to become a part of a worldwide leading organization.

If you think that today and tomorrow challenges are made for you, and if you feel determined and willing to enter a leading organization, then IMEAS is the company for you!


Please report your educational qualification, the foreign languages and previous experiences together with the working environment that you would like to enter according to your needs and skills.

We inform you that all your personal information will be treated according to the most recent Laws concerning the Privacy.

Thank you for your cooperation!