Research & Development

The development of new products needs a constant research and testing of solutions in order to identify the optimal growing paths not only in well-known reference markets but also in the emerging ones.

IMEAS has at its disposal an experienced team composed of more than 15 people, among which engineers, technicians and product specialists. The company invests more than 5% of its own sales proceeds in activities that aim to the Research & Development of new technologies and products.

The vision we have of R&S process draws from both market trends and enquiries of Customers interested in introducing new productive parameters or to change the existing ones. The aspects and the final features of the new product are defined analysing the best available technologies (BAT: Best Available Technologies), the scopes, the technical specification and the expected performances.

Engineering, prototyping and tests performed also with the support Beta Testers customers bring to product validation and industrialization.

Each product is constantly reviewed and improved thanks to the feedbacks from the final users.