Learning quickly the basic rules and the product functioning is the very first important step to achieve a rapid and effective production starting, both in the case of single machines and complex lines.

IMEAS training courses are divided into two parts (Theoretical courses and Practical courses) and allow the operators to became completely independent in a very short lapse of time.

A further advantage of IMEAS professional services!

Theoretical Courses

The theoretical courses, which can take place also in a room, are particularly suggested to the less skilled operators and they are propaedeutic to the practical ones.

Theoretical training allows to learn:

  • Reference terminology
  • Product basic concepts
  • Function modes
  • Integrated security systems
  • Guidelines for machine correct use and maintenance
  • Emergencies management

Teaching material, which is available both on electronic and paper form, is used to support the trainer’s explanations.

Skilled and experienced operators can attend theoretical courses and theoretical courses at the same time.

Practical courses

These courses allow the operators to deepen and put in practise what has been learnt during theoretical courses by means of a direct interaction with the machine and its drive and control systems.

  • The treated subjects include:
  • Machine/line set up
  • Production starting
  • Machine/line parameters setting
  • Ordinary maintenance operations
  • Extraordinary maintenance main operations
  • Common problems solution (troubleshooting