After Sales Support services

Our Customers can always rely on an effective, rapid and punctual After Sales Support service, both for spare parts purchase and set-up operations.


This is an undoubtedly considerable advantage for products bound to be productive for 10, 20 or 30 years!


IMEAS After Sales Support Services includes: Technical support within 48 hours, spare parts supply, maintenance contracts.

Technical Support

In this dynamical and interconnected world being successful in one’s own business means to solve a problem and be productive again in very short times.


Therefore a valid technical support does not mean only a constant co-ordination of a staff distributed on a territory which is as large as the five continents, but also implies programming flexibility and rapid intervention.


However, this is not enough: A highly reliable service tailored to our Customers needs can be achieved only if the presence of a qualified IMEAS technician is guaranteed at the customer’s working place within 48 hours from the intervention demand.


This is the real meaning of IMEAS technical support!

Spare Parts

IMEAS is able to supply all the spare parts necessary for its products good functioning, no matter how old they are.


Our company is also able to improve and find alternative solutions for those components that are no more available on the market.


IMEAS technician ability together with a big technical archive allow us to identify the components by such elements as a single photo or a simple description of the product!

Maintenance contracts

IMEAS maintenance contracts reduce considerably the total cost of ownership (TCO). They have been studied for the Customers who want to keep their production lines at the top of the efficiency.


As a matter of fact, the number of stops is reduced to the minimum by means of a intervention programming to be performed every six months or every year.


The contract is tailored to our customer real needs: both typology and number of the lines in each working place are taken into consideration.


IMEAS maintenance contracts advantages are:


  • Six months or yearly maintenance scheduling
  • Flat rates and on easy terms, even for extraordinary interventions
  • Reduction in the number of stoppages due to equipment faults
  • Reduction in the total cost of ownership
  • Better scheduling of production and stoppages
  • Simplified invoicing