IMEAS Partners with Its Customers for Precision-driven Sanding Solutions


IMEAS visited two customers in Oregon to explore how our collaboration with industry giants Roseburg Forest Products and Pacific Wood Laminates represents the forefront of precision and efficiency with our EvoL and Modula model sanders. We are smoothly reshaping the landscape of sanding applications together. Check it out on YouTube here:

At Roseburg Forest Products in Riddle, Oregon, the IMEAS Modula model takes its place at an integral part of the production line using two sanding units in a 10-foot wide, single frame machine. Designed to process the widest, longest, and heaviest panels globally, these machines deliver optimal calibration and a smooth, homogeneous finish. With features like the Full Control System (FCS) technology, efficiency knows no bounds.

Meanwhile, Pacific Wood Laminates entrusts IMEAS EvoL, the ninth generation of sanding machines, to elevate their laminated veneer production. Evolving from 58 years of expertise, EvoL machines seamlessly integrate cutting-edge control technologies for superior calibration, cost savings, simplified operation, and unmatched flexibility. The EvoL drives Pacific Wood Laminates’ vision of high-quality engineered wood products available to their customers.

Thanks for checking out the synergy between IMEAS and our esteemed partners where we are driving innovation and excellence in wood panel finishing. Let’s connect to see how IMEAS sanding machines can give you optimal calibration and superior finishing! CONTACT US!